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Nigeria online supermarket has its own benefits

There might be times when you wonder how the online sites, launched just a year or two back, manage to sell stuff at such a less price as compared to the old mom and pop stores or the hyper markets. The reason for this is many. To begin with, the mom and pop stores are the one that has large number of middle men with their every product category and they add expenses as well as costs. Next important factor about the Nigerian online shopping sites is that they have a huge customer database. The online retailers sacrifice margins for larger volume and therefore end up doing more profit than ever. Also they have huge investors backing them therefore they know that they can take risks.

Second important thing that helped these online retailers is that they have lots of money. Investors invest their money into these start-ups and therefore they take risks in the earlier phase in order to attract more and more potential buyer for the company. Nigeria online market is filled with people who are moving towards online shopping. The online market is still in its initial phases and therefore the companies are fighting head-on in order to have more and more brand loyalty of the customers.

It’s not surprising that the Nigeria online supermarket is growing by numbers very fast. The reason being that the government is injecting money into the economy and is making the online supermarket accessible to the general public. Nigerian people have a high inclination towards technology and are more into the smart phones and tabs than into any laptops or desktops. That’s why the companies are investing more and more money to create Apps that make the entire experience of online shopping easy.

Foam Sponge (x 2)


Foam Sponge (x5)


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