Peak Full Cream Choco Powder 380g (380g x 12)carton

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A daily intake of Peak instant provides the whole family with high quality protein, which ensures proper functions of the body and all the essential vitamins needed to sustain a healthy life. The mineral content of Peak Instant includes calcium and phosphorous which are essential for the development, growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. 
peak milk is one of the finest milk in nigeria with good nutrition in it. it can be consumed by both adult and toddler. peak economy size, good for the family.
Peak evaporated milk turns every meal to a treat. No matter what you're having it with (tea, pap, snacks), whether you're taking it with breakfast, lunch or dinner, the delicious and sweet flavour makes your day. Rich in 28 vitamins, nutrients and proteins essential for strong bodies and sharp minds, Peak evaporated milk is perfect for both the young and old.