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Shop cheaper online on the online supermarkets in Nigeria

One may have noticed that once when we shop online then we tend to pay less, as compared to when we go physically to the shop and buy stuff. This is the prime reason why online shopping has got such popularity in all parts of the world especially in Africa where online supermarkets in Nigeria are getting more and more traffic every day. Internet is still in its booming state in Nigeria and it needs good support from the government and the telecom companies in order to enter the main-stream.

Also the reason that that online supermarket in Lagos are selling items at cheaper price than the brick and mortar shops is that it eliminates the middleman. 

Every shop has some set-up cost, this cost is eliminated therefore the cost of selling is reduced by a huge margin. Elimination of the middle man from any trade reduces the margin that the company would have otherwise given to them, therefore the price gets reduces by a certain factor. 

Also some online supermarket in Nigeria get the traction working when they feel that its better to have 6% profit in every sale, as opposed to having 20% profit on every sale, that too on less number of sales.

For example, the highest selling online shopping sites use this traction policy where they keep fewer margins on the products and focus to sell in volumes. That is why the sites sell the most selling products at less money so as to sell in large numbers. Supermart Nigeria have the policy same as the one above therefore people are left with not much choice, they don’t bargain, nor they go to physical shops to check prices because its not widely known that things are more cheaper online.

The last and final measure used by the online sites to make sure they retain every customer is that they sell convenience. Packaging, free shipping and easy returns are an effective elements of convenience for online shopping sites and therefore results in consumer retention which acts as dividends.

Cerelac Wheat with Milk (400g x 3)


Cerelac Wheat with Milk (400g x 6)


Cerelac Wheat with Milk (80 x 50g) carton - Baby Cereals after 6months


Cheese Ball 9g x 100


Cheese Ball 55g x 48


Chi Exotic Mango 1ltr x 10 (Carton)


Chi Exotic Multufruita 1ltr x 10


Chi Exotic Pineapple & Coconut Nectar 1ltr x 10 (Carton)


Chi Exotic Pineapple & Coconut Nectar 315ml x 12 (Carton)


Chi Exotic Pineapple & Coconut Nectar 330ml x 12 Can


Chi Exotic Pineapple & Coconut Nectar 330ml x 24 Can


Chivita Active Carrot and Orange 1ltr x 10 (Carton)


Chivita Active power of 6 citrus fruits 1ltr x 10 (Carton)


Chivita Active power of 6 citrus fruits 315ml x 12 (Carton)


Chivita Ice Tea Lemon 1ltr x 10


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