Cockroach Killer -Sniper (20g)

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SNIPER COCKROACH KILLER is primarily used to control cockroaches and ants of all types in homes, offices, factories, restaurants, shops, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, schools etc. SNIPER COCKROACH KILLER, is safe for use and it is most effective when applied close to cockroach colonies and feeding areas. which are usually dark, damp and warm areas e.g behind refrigerators, room corners, door corners, etc. It is attractive to cockroaches and ants and also provides a quick knockdown, one of the unique characteristics of SNIPER COCKROACH KILLER is it has a serial killing ability down to the colonies of cockroaches.,In infested premises, dead cockroaches will normally seen within 24 hours of treatment.

SNIPER COCKROACH KILLER should be applied all through the infested area as small spots or in thin line.Small spots of gel should be applied at intervals in dark locations, in cracks, behind cupboards and shelves, under kitchen cabinets etc. smaller , more frequent spots are Better than occasional large spots.