Chivita Active Carrot and Orange 1ltr x 10 (Carton)

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Chivita Active is designed to satisfy your everyday need for a healthy and active life with its Citrus Fruits and Vegetable & Fruit Juice offerings.

The Power of 6 Citrus is your reliable source of Vitamin C that helps to boost the immune system, as it contains not only one, but six citrus fruits! With Chivita Active 6 citrus fruits everyday is another opportunity to be active and do more.

For the first time in Nigeria. you can get the goodness of vegetables with the lop smacking goodness of fruits  Chivita Active Vegetable Fruit Nectar is a healthy and tasty way to get the regular dose of antioxidants and stamina your body needs

  • Stay Active
  • Get more out of life
  • Get the power of 6 and best of vegetable and fruits.
  • No added Preservatives
  • No added Sweeteners

Available in :

1 litre (10 packs per carton)

315ml (12 packs per carton).