Honeywell Instant Chicken Noodles (70g x 40)carton

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Honeywell Noodles is a brand of premium quality noodles made from high-quality flour fortified with essential vitamins for nutritious and tasty meals. The brand was launched into the Nigerian market in November 2010. 

It comes in four exciting flavours: Chicken, Curry Chicken, Onion Chicken and Spicy Chicken. And it is available in two Sizes: 70 g & 120 g 

Honeywell Noodles is positioned in the market as a brand with superior quality, always giving you value for your money.



  • Honeywell Noodles is produced with high-quality flour.
  • Fast and easy to prepare with a great taste.
  • Excellent packaging quality/aesthetics.
  • Honeywell heritage.
  • Produced to International quality standards (ISO Certified).