Bigi Orange Drink 60cl x 12

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  1. Rite Foods Limited embarked on its beverage journey, July 2016 with six (6) Bigi flavors that speaks nothing but quality. Bigi Cola, Orange, Apple, Bitter Lemon, Soda Water and Lemon & Lime set the pace for other flavors to ride and eventually won the hearts of the people with its touch of quality.
  2. Rite Foods Limited with the emergence of Bigi drinks did not however restrict themselves to just those six flavors. The innovative mind behind Bigi drinks decided to expand the taste squad with other innovative flavors, Bigi Tropical and Bigi Chapman.
  3. Bigi drinks have over time won the hearts of the people. The company didn’t only come with quality but gave the community value for their money. Bigi drinks emerged at the heart of quality and excellence and will continue to ride on this to ensure she gives her consumers quality satisfaction they deserve.